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After graduating from the University of North Carolina in 1998 with degree in Leisure Studies and Recreation Administration, I decided to pursue a career in massage therapy- what could be more leisurely than massage? I chose to attend the renowned Body Therapy Institute in Siler City. In 1999 I graduated from their Massage Therapy Diploma Program and have been fortunate to be a practicing massage therapist ever since!

After 10 years in the field, working predominantly in the spa industry, I decided to return to my beloved massage school in order to attend their esteemed teacher training program, the Spirit of Learning. It was during this training that I was asked to join the faculty at BTI as an instructor. Since 2010 I have had the pleasure of teaching Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology and Pathology, as well as all hands on modalities at this excellent institution. My work with my clients has only benefited from this foray into the educational field.

I love to teach and I incorporate my expertise as an instructor into each of my sessions. My great joy is helping you understand how your life's habits and postures are affecting your body, mind and spirit, and what we can do to create a dynamic shift towards balance. I believe massage therapy should be a vital part of everyone's health and wellness practice. I also believe that every client should be able to know and understand themselves more fully. The work I do is intended to support a process of education, growth, healing, and transformation for the client. Being comfortable, and feeling good, in your body is a lifelong process that can get derailed by stress, injury, trauma, pregnancy- you name it. I am interested in helping you find your best, most comfortable self. A body that moves freely, feels great, and functions optimally.

I am also a wife and devoted mother to two young boys. We live in Chapel Hill and spend lots of time in local playgrounds, walking the greenway trails, and just hanging out in the backyard. After living here for over 20 years, I am thrilled to finally be starting a business in this lovely town we call home.




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